Windmill transportation

1st September 2009

Windmill transportation: about 2,000 units carried on OHBS ships

Since 2002, we have carried about 2,000 windmill towers including blades on our OHBS vessels. This has been a challenging business operationally and commercially in terms of handling the cargo safely and meeting the standards of our industrial customers.

However, it has been a very successful operation for all parties involved as we have carried the cargoes without any serious incident to date. We attribute much of our success in this trade to our operational staff. They have been able to contend with and overcome obstacles involved in loading pieces of up to 35 metres long, nearly 5 metres in diameter and up to 60 MT each. Something many other shipowners and operators will not touch.

We are using mostly our Open Hatch Box Shaped (OHBS) vessels with a carrying capacity of between 32,000 tdw and 37,000 tdw. These vessels are trading primarily from Asia to the US but we are hoping to participate in the developments as the trade expands from Asia and India to Australia, Europe and South America. For more information, please contact our Vancouver office.