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Wide range of asset deals with Chinese yards and leasing companies

During the last 12 months, Oldendorff Carriers have been able to complete a total of 23 deals with 3 Chinese leasing companies. None of these deals involve lease finance. The charters we provided are market related and mostly on a floating index rate basis. The 10 Capes and Kamsarmaxes will all be equipped with scrubbers, eight of them with open loop scrubbers and two of them with hybrid scrubbers.


Improving the environment with LED

Oldendorff Carriers has started to equip our entire fleet of bulk carriers with efficient and environmentally friendly LED lights. Over the last year, we have done a series of trials to analyse the performance of different LED manufacturer’s lights, including intensities and colors.


Oldendorff Carriers implements Ship Recycling Regulations

Oldendorff Carriers has entered into an agreement with GSR Services and Korean Register (KR) for the development and certification of Inventory of Hazardous Materials (IHM) for their fleet for meeting tight EU - deadlines.


Eco Newbuildings delivering simultaneously

In our continuous effort to upgrade our fleet, 2019 started with the delivery of five new eco-ships delivered to Oldendorff Carriers, four of which were delivered on the same day. We are always trying to reduce our environmental impact and these new (fuel-efficient) vessels will reduce fuel consumption for transporting cargo and consequently reduce our carbon footprint.


Self-Unloaders in CSL Pool sold to Algoma

Oldendorff has sold the three remaining self-unloaders still operating in the CSL Pool: Sophie Oldendorff (70,037 tdw built 2000), Harmen Oldendorff (66,188 tdw built 2005) & Alice Oldendorff (50,259 tdw built 2000) for US$100.5 million to Algoma Central Corporation who is the third partner in the CSL Pool. The vessels are expected to deliver to Algoma around the middle of 2019. All three vessels have been trading in the CSL Pool on the East Coast of North and South America since they were built. 


The tale of two Handies “Midland Trader” & “Hansa Baltica”

These two eco Handies have an interesting story: We originally ordered them in June 2012 at the then Korean controlled yard. in 2015, the Korean mother company got into trouble. The yard was later rescued by the diversified Shanghai Zhouji Group, which employs 42,000 people worldwide.  In July 2017, we bought the ships once again from the new entity as resales.


Oldendorff Carriers chooses Datum Electronics for supply and installation of shaft power torque meters

UK based Datum Electronics has been awarded a contract from Oldendorff Carriers, to supply our owned fleet with Datum Shaft Power Meter systems, to seamlessly integrate with various existing ship performance monitoring systems. As a part of our eco fleet strategy, over 90% of the Oldendorff owned fleet is now comprised of environmentally friendly vessels. Oldendorff is implementing fleet and ship performance monitoring systems, which are aimed at reducing our carbon footprint, while improving the technical and operational efficiency of our ships. 


Oldendorff London has fantastic result in Oscar Dragon Boat charity

The Oldendorff Carriers London office is still recovering from the wonderful OSCAR dragon boat race last Friday. Oldendorff London were the biggest fundraisers for the event, raising a total of £11,367, the funds were raised by the very generous contributions of clients and colleagues. Our team came second in the dragon boat final, missing the top position by a nose, just three tenths of a second. Of course, we had a few young, strong recruits from our Hamburg office to beef up our team, and Oscar.


Oldendorff Carriers signs up for ICT-solution with Sea IT on 80 Vessels

Oldendorff Carriers and Sea IT announce a new strategic ICT agreement. The agreement covers the installation and management of a customised internet package for crew aboard all Oldendorff owned vessels.  Sea IT will manage and carry the responsibility for the whole project, which includes ICT-installations on 80 vessels followed by a 3-year service contract.


New Transhipment Project in Vietnam Signed

Following our successful transhipment project at the Go Gia buoys in South Vietnam, which commenced last year, Oldendorff Carriers has recently signed an integrated Coal Transport and Transhipment Agreement for a new Power Station Project to be built in the North of Vietnam at Nghi Son. The customer is a consortium between Marubeni Corp of Japan and Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) named Nghi Son 2 Power Limited Liability Company (NS2PC).


Remaining Orderbook grows to 21 Eco Bulk Carriers

The recent declaration of two Kamsarmax newbuilding options has increased our orderbook: Between end 2018 and mid-2020, OLDENDORFF CARRIERS will receive another 21 “eco” bulk carrier newbuildings from yards in Japan and China, which were mostly ordered between 2015 and 2017 at historically attractive prices. 


Oldendorff Carriers Partners with Erma First for BWTS

Oldendorff Carriers' owned vessels will comply with the new IMO and US Coast Guard ballast water requirements. After a review of the different Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS), Oldendorff Carriers has decided to partner with ERMA FIRST. Oldendorff Carriers made a review of the approved BWTS including visiting some manufacturing facilities. The review included; regulation compliance, capital cost, energy requirements, anticipated operating costs, space requirements, simplicity to manage and availability. 


Oldendorff Carriers Joins Sustainable Shipping Initiative

Oldendorff Carriers joins high profile leadership group working to create a more sustainable maritime industry. Oldendorff joins other SSI members, including ABN-Amro, AkzoNobel, Bunge, China Navigation, IMC Shipping, Lloyd’s Register, Louis Dreyfus, Maersk, Priya Blue, Rightship and Wartsila, who are working together with NGOs Forum for the Future and WWF to help create a more environmentally sustainable maritime industry by 2040.



Interorient Babies join our fleet

We are expanding our fleet of Babycapes further by buying four 115,000 tdw bulk carriers from companies controlled by Interorient Navigation Co Ltd, Cyprus and taking two sister vessels on period charter from them. 


A story about us in Tradewinds

The following article about Oldendorff Carriers appeared in Tradewinds weekly newspaper published 16.2.18 written by Geoff Garfield.


Trial Transhipment in the Andaman Islands

Our geared panamax Trina Oldendorff (75,053 tdw built 2013) loaded 73,086 mt of coking coal from Gladstone, Australia and sailed to the Andaman Islands. Off Port Meadow, she successfully transhipped 25,000 mt of coal into the M/V Spar Rigel (58,000 tdw built 2010) for transport to the Indian port of Haldia, where there is a maximum draft restriction of about 7.5 metres. The Trina Oldendorff proceeded to discharge part of the remaining cargo in India.


Fleet of Babycapes is growing

We have recently increased the number of owned bulk carriers in our Babycape segment by acquiring four more eco 119,000 tonners from compatriot shipowner Hartmann Reederei:

MV “UBC Ottawa”   (tbrn: “Roland Oldendorff”)

MV “UBC Odessa”  (tbrn: “Rex Oldendorff”)

MV “UBC Olimbus”  (tbrn: “Redmer Oldendorff”)

MV “UBC Oristano” (tbrn: “Rik Oldendorff”) 


IBJ Bulk Ship Operator of the Year award

We are pleased to report, that the International Bulk Journal (IBJ) has selected Oldendorff Carriers to be awarded "BULK SHIP OPERATOR OF THE YEAR". The IBJ awards are a “A Salute to Excellence in the Maritime Bulk Industry.” “This prestigious award is presented to an operator of dry bulk vessels of any size, either as an owner or charterer who can demonstrate recent advances in safety, efficiency and environment protection. The award celebrates the contribution made to world trade by the ship operator.” 


Transhipment in Vietnam commences operations

On November 12, 2017 the Babycape “Richard Oldendorff” (118,532 tdw built 2011) arrived at the Go Gia buoys in South Vietnam with the largest ever bulk cargo to be discharged in Vietnam. The vessel berthed at the transhipment platform “Lena” with a cargo of about 115,000 mt, to unload a part cargo of 74,634 mt of coal into lighters for South Vietnam customers with restricted draft ports. After lightering in South Vietnam the “Richard Oldendorff” will proceed to Campha port in North Vietnam to discharge the remaining 40,000 mt of coal on-board.


Winning a regatta with “Almost Nothing”

On Saturday August 26th, Oldendorff Carriers Panamax team participated in the 35th Schiffahrtsregatta. The Schiffahrtsregatta is organized each year by Peter Gast Shipping GmbH and it is by far the largest regatta organized exclusively for the shipping community. This year 120 sailboats participated in the race with over 1,200 sailors. The race starts near Schleimunde, Germany and normally runs about 35 nautical miles across the Baltic Sea to Aroskobing, Denmark. This year because of light wind, the course was shortened to about 12 nautical miles.


Reviving a contract for two eco 36,000 tdw Newbuildings

Last month saw the resurrection of two newbuilding contracts, which we had concluded originally in June 2012 with Weihai-based SAMJIN Shipbuilding Ind. Co Ltd (SSI), at the time controlled by Korean shareholders. The initial order was for four 36,000 tdw Handysize newbuildings of the Korean designed FESDEC-36k eco type.


Introducing a Coal Transshipment Hub in South-Vietnam

An alliance of three partners – Welhunt, Oldendorff Carriers and Haivan - will position a Floating Transfer Platform (FTP) in South Vietnam capable of discharging and loading all bulk carriers up to and including Newcastlemax (210,000 tdw) at a discharge rate of up to 25,000 metric tonnes per day. This platform will be the first and only multi-user facility in Vietnam and is specifically designed to be able to handle growing coal imports.


Oldendorff appoints Verifavia for EU MRV Verification

Oldendorff Carriers has appointed Verifavia, the world’s leading emissions verification company for the transport sector (aviation and shipping), to verify its fleet of vessels in line with the European Union’s new environmental Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (EU MRV) regulation. Verifavia will ensure that all Oldendorff vessels are in compliance with the new requirements mandated by the EU MRV regulation coming into force in August 2017. 


Transshipment equipment on the move

In order to best serve our customers and adapt to their requirements we sometimes have to relocate our project equipment. The transshipment platform “Lena” was towed from Guyana to Trinidad where it was loaded on the semi submersible vessel “Trustee”, and transported to Batam, Indonesia. Also transported to Indonesia were the tug “Kiev” and the crew boat “Christine”. 

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