Super-eco Ultramax Newbuilding from Oshima

1st April 2016

Recently, we were able to sign our first newbuilding contract with the prestigious Japanese bulker specialist Oshima Shipbuilding.  The new super-eco Ultramax will be delivered in 2020 under the name of “Beate Oldendorff”.  Oshima’s latest super-eco 62,100 tdw design includes many fuel saving features.

OSHIMA-62k eco Ultramax Newbuilding  (TBN “BEATE OLDENDORFF”)
62,100 tdw on 13.31 m scantling draft  (tpc: 59.72)  
49,500 tdw on 11.20 m design draft 
Loa: 200 m, Lbp 196 m
Breadth 32.26m, Depth 19.0m
GRT / NRT: 35,500 / 20,700 (international) 
NK class, Portugal flag, str. for heavy cargo, ho.2+4 may be empty

5 holds / 5 hatches 
78,600 cbm grain in holds 
Grain / cement holes   
Tanktop strength: 25 t/m2 uniform load in holds (26 t in hold 5)  
Maximum cargo weight for individual holds: 
No.1 hold: max abt 18,400 mt
No.2 hold: max abt 14,800 mt
No.3 hold: max abt 22,800 mt
No.4 hold: max abt 14,800 mt 
No.5 hold: max abt 20,000 mt 

Hatchsizes (length / breadth): 
Hatch No.1: 17.67 m x 18.6 m 
Hatch No.2: 23.25 m x 18.6 m 
Hatch No.3: 21.39 m x 18.6 m 
Hatch No.4: 23.25 m x 18.6 m 
Hatch No.5: 22.32 m x 18.6 m 

4 x 30 tons el-hydr cranes "IKNOW", 26 m radius

Kawasaki-B&W 6S50ME-B9.5 main engine, MCO 7,220 kw x 94 rpm
3 x 530 kw aux engines, 900 rpm, 1 x 105 kw emergency generator
14.5 kn on design draft of 11.2m (50k tdw) on 22.7 tons basis 42.7MJ/kg 
Miscelleneous fuel saving devices 
Co2 fitted in holds, A-60 bulkhead, grain / Aussie hold fitting
Cargo hold washing nozzles 

In Water Survey, Paint scheme for 5 years
Portuguese flag rules 
Grab seats on deck
Stronger tanktops 25 - 26 tons throughtout
Flow meters changed to mass flow type
Shaft power meter
Dangerous goods in holds 
Propeller shaft cond. monitoring
Fresh water on main deck 
Additional ECDIS and additional Inmarsat C on bridge
Hold bilge shift pump for cargo hold bilge system

Speed & Consumption:
14 kn laden / 14.6 kn design / 14.8 ball on 25.4t + 2.0t HFO 
13 kn laden / 13.6 kn design / 13.8 ball on 20.1t + 2.0t HFO
12 kn laden / 12.6 kn design / 12.8 ball on 16.2t + 2.0t HFO