Serving the Wind Energy Industry

2nd April 2016

Oldendorff Carriers first carried windmill components in 2002. Since then, we have carried over 7,500 windmill towers as well as other wind energy components such as blades. It fits well that our eco vessels are transporting components for the clean energy industry. 

Oldendorff has built up considerable expertise in adapting the loading and lashing systems on the company’s types of vessels. It is at the forefront of cargo handling systems that ensure the safety of the cargo and personnel, while allowing efficient loading, lashing and discharging of cargo. 

We normally use our specially designed eco open hatch box shaped vessels of 38,500 tdw, occasionally we utilize other tonnage depending on the specific cargo needs. Considering that the company operates a fleet of approximately 500 vessels, there are plenty of options available.

The company’s approach is to find simple solutions for complicated cargoes which has been a very successful formula for wind energy cargoes. Our customers can also benefit from our economies of scale and backhaul routes for these vessel types to get the most competitive marine transportation cost.

Oldendorff has been working a long time with most of the wind industry’s original equipment manufacturers. With its experience and capacity, it’s in an ideal position to meet their needs and deadlines. The company’s financial strength also makes it very attractive to those customers concerned about the performance capabilities of their carriers.

Our project cargo team is based in Vancouver, Canada and co-ordinates Oldendorff’s project cargo operations worldwide.