Our Transloaders: Salvaging the Situation

12th September 2016

In 2016, Oldendorff Transloaders have performed 4 major ship-to-ship cargo salvage operations. Having Transloaders fitted with side-mounted cranes which are capable of unloading upto capesize bulk carriers, has provided some unusual business opportunities. Oldendorff is not a salvage company but our Transloaders have been called upon by salvage companies and charterers to assist in ship-to-ship transfer of cargo. 

E. Oldendorff unloading iron ore from M/V New Katerina in Suez Canal 

E. Oldendorff (77,000 tdw) was chartered by SMIT to unload a full cargo of iron ore from MV New Katerina (170,082 tdw), which lost steering and grounded in the Suez Canal. The 1997-built bulk carrier was en route from Yuzhniy, Ukraine to China when it struck an embankment on February 25th, she suffered a hole in the fore part below the waterline with water ingress. 

The iron ore was transloaded from the New Katerina into the E.Oldendorff then into the MV Indian Partnership (181,000 tdw). The Indian Partnership was chartered by Oldendorff to deliver the cargo to China.  E. Oldendorff used her 3 side-mounted Liebherr MPG cranes and grabs for the transfer operations.  

Gebe Oldendorff unloading maize from M/V Archimedes in Singapore

Gebe Oldendorff  (81,500 tdw built 2016) was chartered to unload a 64,100 MT cargo of maize from the MV Archimedes which was originally loaded in Paranagua Brazil. The Archimedes was on charter to Cargill but was arrested when she arrived in Singapore on her way to South Korea. The Archimedes was under arrest for 3.5 months before Oldendorff was asked to provide a cargo solution.

After the Gebe Oldendorff berthed alongside the Archimedes using 4 Yokohama fenders in Singapore’s Jurong Port, she used her side-mounted cranes and grabs to transfer the maize from the Archimedes into her cargo holds.

The cargo transfer operation took about 14 days which included multiple stoppages for rain, fumigation delays and cargo hold clean up. After completion of self loading the maize, Gebe sailed for South Korea where the cargo was discharged in 2 ports. 

Antonie Oldendorff unloading grains from M/V Ao Hong Ma in Singapore

Antonie Oldendorff (94,000 tdw built 2015) was time chartered to sail from the Arabian Gulf to Singapore to transfer a 78,500 mt cargo of bulk wheat and bulk canola from MV AO HONG MA. The AO HONG MA, was arrested at Jurong Port in Singapore. The Charterer wanted the cargo to continue to its destination in the Arabian Gulf. The Antonie Oldendorff used her cranes and grabs to transfer the wheat and caonola from the AO HONG MA into her own holds and then delivered the cargo to Muscat, Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi.

Gisela Oldendorff unloading coal from M/V Maverick Gunner in Singapore

Gisela Oldendorff (81,500 tdw geared Kamsarmax built 2015) transshipped 78,000 mt of coal from the M/V Maverick Gunner in September 2016. The M/V Maverick Gunner was arrested in Singapore about 3 months earlier and the Charterers wanted delivery of their coal cargo. The coal cargo was initially loaded in Vancouver, Canada and will soon be delivered to a port on the east coast of India by the M/V Gisela Oldendorff. 

The transshipment was performed using the 4 x 40 mt side mounted cranes and 20 cbm SMAG grabs of the M/V Gisela Oldendorff to efficiently transfer the coal into her own cargo holds. This transshipment operation was carried out on behalf of charterers; Tata Steel Global Procurement Company Pte. Ltd. in cooperation with Jurong Port Singapore.

Oldendorff Carriers is always interested in using the unique features of our vessels to provide a bespoke service for our customers. All four of the above transshipment operations had different characteristics, however in each case we were able to find a good solution to make the operations successful.