OC orders Transshipper

20th June 2013

OLDENDORFF CARRIERS contracts new Transshipper at Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipyard

On behalf of Eships Oldendorff Logistics LLC, our joint venture with Eships in Abu Dhabi, have we successfully concluded a newbuilding contract with Jiangsu New Yangzi Shipyard in China. The contract includes the building of a 94,000 deadweight hybrid transshipment vessel. The new hybrid vessel will predominantly be employed in activities such as lightering and transshipment of iron ore at various ports located within the Arabian gulf. The transshipper will be equipped with 3 side mounted MacGregor cranes and an EMS-Tech self-unloading belt system, comprising of 5 deck hoppers, a unique conveyor belt system as well as a shuttle boom with a length of 60-80 meters for discharging and another fixed boom with a length of 23.5 meters. The ship and its discharging system is specifically designed for the different unloading facilities in the Arabian Gulf and we expect her to render an excellent service to our customers. Further, the vessel will be built based on a new economic design and equipped with several fuel saving devices.