New Hamburg office opens in Nov-14

29th March 2014

OLDENDORFFF CARRIERS opens a new satellite office in Hamburg in November 2014 as its 19th office

The company has decided to open a new office in Hamburg in November 2014. Only the chartering and sale & purchase staff will be relocated from Lübeck to Hamburg and will occupy the 22nd floor of the Emporio Tower near Gänsemarkt. The city is a very convenient shipping hub for our clients, like the locations of many of our other offices. Our commercial people see value in being present in Hamburg and many of them already reside there. Lübeck will retain 80% of the employees and remain the company's world headquarters. But at least partly, we are going back to our roots, as the company was founded in Hamburg 93 years ago.
This will be OLDENDORFF CARRIERS 19th office, after the company recently opened offices in London, Dubai, Trinidad and Valparaiso. OLDENDORFF CARRIERS currently controls some 500 chartered and owned vessels of 40 million tdw, carrying around 300 mio tons of bulk cargoes each year.