IHM completed and fully digitised

14th December 2020

Oldendorff Carriers has completed the implementation of a certified Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) across the entire fleet. This development has been finalised ahead of the regulatory EU deadline of 31st December 2020.

By identifying, recording and controlling hazardous materials onboard via IHM, we support our fleet to ensure crew safety, minimise risks and strengthen sound environmental practices through the vessels’ life cycle.

Looking beyond what it is mandated in the IHM legislation, we have entered into an agreement with GSR Services and NautilusLog to implement a fully-digitised solution for the IHM maintainance. A cloud-based application that removes the administrative workload from our crews and enhance our fleet’s efficiency to comply with IHM regulations.

The relevant materials are now idenftified at the beginning of the purchasing process. Right after an order is imported into the NautilusLog platform, it is evaluated by GSR Services. Relevant suppliers are granted access to upload and manage the requested documentation. When this operation takes place, the documents are reviewed and integrated automatically in the platform, becoming so available onboard and ashore.

To date, this administrative process has been manually undertaken by the crew. From now forth, the IHM procedure is automated and included within the management system onshore. Immediate benefits include the increase of records efficiency, reduction of human errors and the release of our seaferes from a very time-consuming task.

The development of this platform serves the IHM maintainance, but also sets the foundation for migrating other procedures. The overall scope is to automate processes that keep our seafarers overloaded with tasks while ensuring the enhacement of safety onboard and regulations compliance.

Oldendorff Carriers, founded in 1921, is a family-owned dry bulk ship owner and operator headquartered in Germany. The company, represented by 20 permanent offices around the world,10 Transshipment projects and a workforce over 4,500 people from 60 countries, operates a diversified fleet of about 700 bulk carriers at any one time.


NautilusLog is a Hamburg-based company, founded to innovate the shipping industry with digital applications and replacement of paperwork process.

About GSR Services

GSR Services is a German service provider for compliance with HKC and EU-SRR for the entire maritime industry.GSR drives innovative solutions for enhancing HSE through tne entire ship’s life cycle.