Port Captain - Pacific (m/f)


Job Description

  • Coordination of vessels during its time in the port/s
  • Gathering information on all new ports facilities and restriction guidelines
  • Identify/recognize the most industrious, helpful and committed vendor/s at each port
  • Provide operational assistance for the vessel operators during the port call
  • Pro-active assistance to be provided before vessel’s arrival in coordination with the operator
  • Negotiation of rates with stevedores, agents and other companies services needed in the port
  • Coordinate with all port captain attendance in the region
  • Research port and its facilities for chartering
  • Conduct visits to vessel/port wherever and whenever necessary
  • To work closely with each terminals management and stevedores, i.e. holding the pre-planning meetings, attending port meetings, etc.
  • Manage Cargo stowage and Cargo intake optimization
  • Carry out Cargo analysis if nominated cargoes are safe for transportation
  • Project assistance for chartering, cargo and port inspection
  • Log stowage assistance for logs from New Zealand, Australia and North America
  • Ensure all cargoes identified are safe for transportation in accordance with IMSBC and Dangerous Goods Code
  • Arrange cleaning of equipment and/or gangs for cargo hold
  • Processing of right ship issues
  • Machine care and relocation of own grabs in the region
  • Manage storage and maintenance of own equipment
  • AXS-Marine vessel data base update

Profile :

·                     Chief officer or ex-Master Mariner with 3 years relevant working experience.

·                     Have interest in meeting people, understand their culture and way of working.

·                     Possess the basics knowledge of loading, unloading and transportation of all kinds of cargo on seagoing ships.

·                     Capable and willing to conduct search for other suppliers, stevedores, agents, etc. to negotiate for competitive rates

·                     Collate and compile all information from different sources into a report/spreadsheet to provide insights and understanding of all data which will assist in the making management decisions

·                     Service-oriented and positive team player.

·                     Must be physically fit to visit our ships at anchorage or ports in South-East Asia

·                     Must be accustomed to the usual working hours in the shipping industry.

·                     Must be able to work independently after an introductory period of 3 months.

·                     Must be board minded in new cargo handling methods in the ports and able to distinguish the difference of a secure from insecure methods/approach

·                     Excellent in communication (both written and spoken), organizational skills including IT skills.

·                     Fluency in English essential

·                     Basics of local languages would be helpful

Please submit your application using the form below or via email to jobs-asia@oldendorff.com. Oldendorff Carriers does not accept paper applications for online postings.