Data Science Manager



Oldendorff is seeking an experienced Head of Data Science to lead the next generation of cloud-based, data-driven applications for Oldendorff. These applications will use Oldendorff’s proprietary data, and third party data to drive automated outcome, to be utilized by the business. 

As this is a managerial position, you will be responsible for developing the team’s culture, hiring standards, training and competency development, and helping in determining the best practices and work standards of the team and generally evangelizing Data Science.

The Head of Data Science additionally leads the department in the development of new insights, advanced modeling techniques, and data science capabilities. In this leadership capacity, the Head Data Science is also responsible for the development and mentorship of more junior members, and ventures into creating partnerships with universities.

This is an exciting venture for Oldendorff, leveraging latest technology in the big data, data science and cloud application spaces with productionizing data science being the heartbeat of our platform from the design of our infrastructure and leading all the way through to the way we interact with the front end of our platform (read about our infra concepts here: ).

With this in mind, we actively create clean interfaces between different teams, so each team can focus on their area of expertise. Ultimately, we strive for the Data Science Team to focus on data science and not on having to solve Engineering or DevOps problems (i.e. we do not think a data scientist should need to write Docker files).

We believe that Oldendorff has one of the most diverse, varied and rich sets of problems to solve, which include but are not limited to:

  • Financial models of Baltic exchange markets
  • Trade flows of commodities
  • Graph networks of journeys
  • Fleet Optimization
  • Performance optimization with vessel specific sensor data
  • Vessel Routing Problems
  • Bunker (Fuel) price prediction
  • Hierarchical Time Series predictions
  • Classification and Regression problems

As Oldendorff operates in excess of 700 vessels, 365 days a year the opportunity for profound impact to the company is significant.


  • 3+ Years of experience leading data science teams
  • 7+ Years of proven data science experience
  • Proven success in the delivery of multiple data driven products and their on-going lifecycle development.
  • Experience hiring and mentoring data science teams.
  • Ability to create, train and test mathematical models
  • Demonstrating confidence in managing stakeholders, and liaising with global teams
  • Excellent Python programming skills
  • Good working knowledge of SQL for data extraction
  • Domain expert in at least two of the problem areas highlighted above.

This is a great opportunity to work on a new exciting venture within Oldendorff utilizing cutting-edge technology and creating our own in helping to take us to the next level in shipping.

Please submit your application using the form below or via email to Oldendorff Carriers does not accept paper applications for online postings.